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The URBENVIRON International Association is a nongovernmental organization, with headquarters in Brasilia, that provides an open forum for anyone interested in knowledge building and networking on urban environmental planning and management. Our memberships are international and multidisciplinary, today gathering individuals and organizations of 44 countries in the commitment to promoting sustainable development in the cities around the world.

The Association works are guided by the principles of the Charta of Brasilia (2005), through four strategic initiatives:


The mission of URBENVIRON is to strengthen the capacities to promote urban environmental quality through protection of natural resources in alliance with the defence of social interests, in the perspective of sustainable development.

Recent News

4th Urbenviron International Seminar focusing Sustainable Cities for the New Millennium takes place in Niteroi, Brazil, on October 18-21, as a preparatory activity of the Cairo Congress 2011. The event is organized by the Engineering School of the Fluminense Federal University ( Urbenviron Association joined CP Empreendimentos to analyse the offer in graduate courses on Regional Development in Brazil as well as the recent scientific production on this theme (Cooperation project between Brazilian Ministry of National Integration and the Interamerican Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture - IICA) Proceedings of the 3rd Urbenviron International Congress Seoul 2009 ready for downloading 4th Urbenviron International Congress will take place in Cairo, in Sept/Oct 2011, hosted by the Housing & Building National Research Center, at Egypt's Ministry of Housing & Urban Development University of Birmingham will host the 5th Urbenviron Congress in 2013 under coordination of Prof. Dr. Kala Vairavamoorthy URBENVIRON now in Directory of Institutions of the Brazilian Council of Research and Technological Development (CNPq) URBENVIRON in partnership with SIADES (Environmental Information System for Sustainable Development). See projects at URBENVIRON is now a member of the GLOBAL WATER PARTNERSHIP (GWP), an international network that supports sustainable development and management of water resources at all levels. Visit! Renew your Urbenviron membership here

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