URBENVIRON is a global initiative which started in 2003 in Brasilia, gathering research groups, scholars, enterprises, governmental institutions and NGOs, all committed to knowledge building and networking on the subject of environmental planning and management. As a central house for this movement, the Urbenviron International Association for Environmental Planning and Management was formalized in August 2007. It seeks the promotion of a broad conception of sustainable development, mainly by organizing international congresses and seminars, developing research projects and case studies, capacity building, and publishing an international journal.

In November 2004, the Catholic University of Brasilia and the Technical University of Berlin organized in Brasilia an International Seminar as the first Urbenviron event, aiming a collective proposition of topics related to Environmental Challenges of Urbanization to be discussed at the1st Urbenviron International Congress on Environmental Planning and Management – Brasilia 2005 (Sept 11 – 15, 2005). About 700 participants of 28 countries came together to discuss the interactions among human beings and the urban environment, theory and praxis of urban environmental planning and management, and dynamic and social environmental impacts of urbanization. The high points of the Congress were the international spread of a declaration – the CHARTA OF BRASILIA - with the sustainable urban planning and management’s principles , the creation of the International Network for Environmental Planning and Management – URBENVIRONET, and the decision to found an International Association to be launched in Berlin, during the 2nd Congress.

The 2nd Urbenviron Congress Berlin 2007 had the Technical University of Berlin as venue, counting about 400 participants of 44 countries. Discussions around the theme Planning the Urban Environment - Visions, Implementation, Results turned an interdisciplinary exchange of planners and builders into reality. As planned, the event was disclosed with the launching of the URBENVIRON International Association for Environmental Planning and Management (www.urbenviron.org), after a foundation assembly that chose Brasilia as the Association headquarters, and reaffirmed the commitment to the implementation of the CHARTA OF BRASILIA.

As a preparatory event to the Berlin Congress, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Regional Council of Architecture and Engineering (CREA/RJ) organized the 2nd Urbenviron Seminar Rio de Janeiro 2006 (Nov 6 – 8, 2006), where the international research network on environmental planning and management – URBENVIRONET - was intensively discussed.

The University of Seoul hosted the 3rd Urbenviron International Congress (July 26-30, 2009), which approached Global Environmental Changes as its central theme. During the Congress, the Urbenviron International Council discussed the concept of the international journal URBENVIRON and designed a first research plan.

In preparation to the Seoul Congress, the Presbyterian University Mackenzie and the University of São Paulo organized the 3rd Urbenviron International Seminar São Paulo 2008 (October 6-8, 2008), which was attended by more than 200 participants. This event offered the opportunity for the first meeting of the Urbenviron International Council.

In October 2011, Egypt’s Housing and Building National Research Center (HBRC) hosts the 4th Urbenviron Congress Cairo 2011 to raise the theme “Sustainable Cities for the New Millennium” as the centre of discussions. Focusing the same theme, as usual, the Fluminense Federal University organized the 4th Urbenviron International Seminar Niteroi 2010 (Oct. 18-21, 2010) to discuss related topics, like: environmental governance at the local level, planning for vulnerabilities, energy and cities sustainability, water management and environmental sanitation.


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