Sustainable Cities for the New Millennium


1) Environmental Governance at the Local Level:
- Theoretical approaches and methods 
- Challenges of environmental governance
- Social determinants of environmental governance
- Institutional organization, political tradition and local context 
- Regulatory framework
- Urban planning as an instrument of local governance
- Capacity development of local authorities and civil society organizations
- Successful experiences

2) Planning for Vulnerabilities:
- Theory and models for sustainable cities: eco-village, low carbon city, and others
- Sustainable urbanization: concepts and implementation
- Methods of environmental planning
- Environmental risks: assessment, responses and information
- Sustainable infrastructures, green technologies, eco-technologies

3) Energy and cities sustainability:

-  Energy management
-  Alternative sources, new technologies
- Successful experiences
- Networking on sustainable energy

4) Water Management:
- Water resources management 
- Regulatory framework
- Policies and evaluation studies
- River basin territorial planning
- Successful experiences
- Networking on water management

5) Environmental Sanitation:

- Water supply, water treatment, water distribution
- Urban wastewater treatment, disposal, reuse and sludge management
- Solid waste collection, treatment, disposal, recycling, reuse and recovery
- Local and regional environmental sanitation planning 
- Urban drainage
- Soil contamination, brown fields
- Successful experiences
- Networking on environmental sanitation.